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Road Queens MC

Club Meet Location:
Street Address: 3131 Arch Airport Rd, Stockton CA, 95213 USA
Club Activity: cannot verify that the club is regularly active. (what is this?)
Club Location:
Stockton, CA
(see on map)
Experience Level:
This club accomodates experienced riders only. (more info)

Club Description

The Road Queens Motorcycle Club was founded on January 22, 2005 in Stockton, California as a non-profit organization that operates solely on proceeds from it's members and donations from businesses, corporations and the community. The organization was developed by a group of women who shared the enthusiasm to ride and a common goal of forming a female motorcycle club dedicated to giving to charity and committed to changing the image of conventional female bikers. We strive for divine excellence as independent, strong-willed, versatile, and family-oriented business minded women which contradicts the stereotypes that downgrades the image of female riders.

Club Stats

How We Ride:
Our Members Ride:
All Kinds of Bikes
Brands We Like:
All Moto Brands
We Like Bikes From:
Our Other Interests:
Women's, Charity/Non-Profit
Experience Level:
Experienced Riders Only

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