Mountain Shadow Riders of Colorado

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Mountain Shadow Riders of Colorado

Club Meet Location: Village Inn
Street Address: 1430 Harrison Rd, Colorado Springs CO, 80905 USA
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Club Location:
Colorado Springs, CO
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Experience Level:
This club accomodates all riders, including beginners.
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Club Description

We have riders of all ages, backgrounds, experience levels and all kinds of bikes in our Chapter. You will see Cruisers, Touring bikes, Sport-bikes, Trikes, Spyders and Scooters in our parking lot. We don’t care what type of bike you ride – we are just glad that you ride! In fact, you don’t even have to own a bike to join our Chapter- all you need to be is a “motorcycle enthusiast” – We have brand new riders and ladies with thousands of miles in the saddle and we are all here to have fun, help each other learn and become better riders every time we head out on the road.

Club Stats

How We Ride:
Our Members Ride:
All Kinds of Bikes
Brands We Like:
All Moto Brands
We Like Bikes From:
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We Welcome Beginners!

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