Manchester Motorcycle Club

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Manchester Motorcycle Club

Club Meet Location:
Street Address: 167 Rockingham Rd, Auburn NH, 03032 USA
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Club Location:
Auburn, NH
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Experience Level:
This club accomodates all riders, including beginners.
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Club Description

Manchester Motorcycle club is one of America's oldest and continuously operating motorcycle clubs! Established in Manchester and riding New Hampshire's byways since 1915, we recently celebrated our 100th Anniversary! We are a large, family oriented group of Men and Women who come from many walks of life and we ride all brands of motorcycles. If you are looking for the Camaraderie and Friendship that a club can offer, come join us on one of our many road rides and social events scheduled each year. We also meet twice each month at our club house in Litchfield NH. Manchester Motorcycle Club is affiliated with the American Motorcyclist Association and The New Hampshire Motorcyclists' Rights Organization.

Club Stats

How We Ride:
Adventure Riding, Cruising, Touring
Our Members Ride:
Cruisers, Customs, Trike/3-Wheels
Brands We Like:
All Moto Brands
We Like Bikes From:
Our Other Interests:
Charity/Non-Profit, Family-Oriented
Experience Level:
We Welcome Beginners!

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Club Activities

Day Rides

Weekend day rides are on various curated routes in the NH and New England area.

Club Meetings

We meet twice each month at our club house in Litchfield NH.


Upcoming Events

No upcoming meetings or events listed.

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