Blue Knights Rhode Island 1

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Blue Knights Rhode Island 1

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Street Address: 585 Washington St, Coventry RI, 02816 USA
Club Activity: cannot verify that the club is regularly active. (what is this?)
Club Location:
Coventry, RI
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Experience Level:
This club accomodates experienced riders only. (more info)

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The Blue Knights are a non-profit fraternal organization consisting of men and women with time honored traditions. We were formed in the spring of 1974 when several officers in the Bangor Maine area decided to go for a ride and form a local motorcycle club. From there it spread like the American Revolution. I use that analogy because there were thirteen original Chapters that were formed and I am proud to say that Rhode Island 1, as in the thirteen original Colonies, was one of those original Chapters.

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All Moto Brands
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Experienced Riders Only

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