SCMA 44th Annual 3 Flags Classic Motorcycle Tour

August 29, 2019
San Luis, AZ

Event Description

The 44th Annual Three Flags Classic Motorcycle Tour: 250 avid Long Distance motorcycle riders (ALL ages) cross 3 countries (3 Flags) Mexico, USA, and Canada on a 2,000+ mile journey. Mostly all 2 lane twisty challenging roads (zero to limited interstate). Rain, shine, sleet or snow to get to your hotel for camaraderie, jocularity, many friendly lies, and a frosty beverage. And a belt buckle for finishing. This event is NOT a race. No records are kept in regards to elapsed time. This event is a 6-day event with a registration day, 4 days of actual riding and the day of the finish banquet. It is an endurance event where riders may be exposed to extreme cold, rain, snow, sunshine, extreme heat, road closures, and more. Riders are presented with a preferred route but can ride any route they choose, as long as they reach 3 checkpoints and the finish point within the designated times.

Skill Level:
Suitable skill levels for this event are in green below.
Beginner Novice Intermediate Experienced Advanced

This event is not intended for beginner or novice riders. However, please contact the club directly to see if they can accomodate your riding ability for this event.

Event Stats

  • Date: August 29, 2019
  • Time: 9:00 am
  • Event Type: Ride
  • Activity:
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Event Location

Hotel Araiza San Luis
431 Main St, San Luis AZ, 85349 US



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