Custom Motorcycle Clubs Near San Francisco, CA

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List of Custom Clubs Near San Francisco

Club Activity

Valley Vixens MC

Club Meet Location:
Street Address: 715 N 1st St #36, San Jose CA, 95112 USA

Valley Vixens MC

Chapter: Northern California
Riding Styles: Cruising, Biker, Touring
Motorcycle Types: Cruiser, Custom, Tourer
Make/Brand: All
Origins: All
Special Interests: Charity/Non-Profit, Family-Oriented, Women's
Skill Level: Experienced Riders

MC life is not always an easy life, it comes with it's challenges and requires balance but it does not have to be hard. You will definitely get what you give. This is not just a club, it's our family! If you love to ride & value family, contact us. What is a True Sisterhood? One that comes with...


Club Location:
San Jose, CA
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Club Activity:
Verified Active
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Next Meetings:
No upcoming meetings listed.
Club Photos:

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