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We would all agree that many of our friendships have originated with this group

Thom T., President
Twin City Riders

Casual Cruising / Minneapolis, MN

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Our Club Members:
We are an LGBTQ group, but welcome ALL riders. And a wide variety of bikers have joined us on our weekly rides through the years. We don't care who you are or what you ride - as long as you enjoy riding. All we ask is that you are comfortable riding on the highway.
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My Interest in Motorcycles:
I'd always been attracted to motorcycles and bikers. I think, like most, I found the freedom and sense of adventure motorcycles offered exciting. I remember as a kid, a motorcycle was always parked in front of a house along my Sunday morning paper route. Every Sunday, I would always stop and admire it, hoping that one day I could have one of my own.

As I grew older, the idea of motorcycling never left me. The problem, of course, was how to learn. There was the dilemma of not being to learn without a bike and needing a bike to learn. A friend told me about the Motorcycle Safety Foundation training courses offered at the local technical colleges, so I signed up. My only regret was that I'd not learned to ride earlier.

Motorcycling has impacted my life in so many ways. I have many friends who noticed a change in my personality after I took up motorcycling, claiming I have more confidence as a person. Although riding has given me afternoons of pleasure and solitude, riding on back roads I never would have discovered otherwise, I am truly blessed that someone founded this group and we've been able to keep it going. As one fellow rider commented, without this group he never would have met half the awesome people he has or seen the incredible scenery found in his own back yard.
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Our Club's Mission:
Build friendship and camaraderie through riding motorcycles. We are a riding club. We have no bi-laws, no officers, no dues, no rules - except those of the road. We meet at the same time and place every Sunday May though October for breakfast and spend the entire afternoon riding. Some weeks only a handful show up, while other weeks more than a dozen ride. We are very loosely organized and really only have a ride captain on our weekly rides. If something needs to be organized or planned, someone usually steps up to do it.
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Our Signature Events:
Each Labor Day weekend, we do a weekend ride to the Twin Ports (Duluth-Superior) Pride Festival. As always, the highlight of the weekend is the ride along the beautiful North Shore of Lake Superior to Palisades Head and back. Of course the day-long ride up and back and group dinners are always a good time.

Each summer, we also try to do another weekend group ride. Past summers have taken us to Wisconsin Dells, WI and Grand Marais, MN. This upcoming summer, we're planning the 8-day Lake Superior Circle Tour.
We have been in operation for 16 years!
Twin City Riders Summer Ride
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Our Club's Spirit:
When a group rides every Sunday and at least one weekend trip every summer for 16 years, there are plenty of memorable moments. Many though, one needs to have been there to appreciate and some can't be shared in public. But one spirit and theme carries through all of them friendship and camaraderie. Everyone who has ridden with us can attest that a good share of their friends were made through this group. And over time, some members have moved or are no longer able to ride, but the friendships have remained.
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Join Us For a Ride:
Think we might be the club for you? If so, we would be happy to hear from you. Check out our full profile and our website for more info.

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