Freshline Moto Adventure Club

These guys are my brothers, they would do anything for me
and I would do the same for them

Erik, H., Co-Founder
Freshline Moto Adventure Club

Adventure Riding / Washington, DC

Freshline Moto Adventure Club Guatemala 2018
Our Club Members:
Our club isn’t for everyone. Our members are from all over the world but they all love a challenge. They are adaptive, problem solvers, and start smiling when things get tough. They stick together through every trip, no matter what goes down and appreciate a cold beer together at the end of the day.
Freshline Moto Adventure Club and a Monkey
Freshline Moto Adventure Club Beach Fire
Club Brotherhood:
Having a club like this is life changing. You have a brotherhood you can count on for anything, not just on the road. There was a time where I was between jobs for awhile and so broke I couldn’t pay rent at one point. I never asked for it but the guys all got together and pitched in to get me through that rough patch. These guys are my brothers, they would do anything for me and I would do the same for them.
Freshline Moto Adventure Club Cave Motorcycle Ride
Freshline Moto Adventure Club Sightseeing
Why Was This Club Started?
Simple - We wanted true international adventure riding which we didn’t think you could find in a tour. Because tours are planned, that inherently takes the majority of the adventure element out of the trip. We don’t have a set itenerary, or guides, or local knowledge going into a country. We explore as we go.
We have been in operation for 2 years!
Freshline Moto Adventure Club - Motorcycles and Elephants
Memorable Club Moment 2018:
So we decided to run an adventure in Guatemala. We rent bikes in the countries we go to and in Guatemala the tour company tells us on arrival that 2 of the bikes we wanted to rent are out of commission so he’s replaced them with 2 Chinese Movesas. Against our better judgement and for lack of options we take the Chinese bikes.

2 days into the trip we get into a particularly hairy section of trail and over the course of the day guys are dropping bikes left right and center. Now the Japanese Enduros are no problem, but every time a Chinese bike goes down something snaps off. By late afternoon, one of the bikes was missing both mirrors, both foot pegs, the shifter knob, the rear brake lever and the clutch lever.

So we commissioned our best rider to jump on, push started him and he had to ride the next three hours into the next city with his feet up on the handlebars and no effective way of stopping other than to try stalling out the bike. The real tricky part was trying to ride around the city like that looking for a mechanic. We had to send a scout ahead to ask for directions and four guys behind him to stop traffic at every intersection so our busted bike could ride through.

It took every member to play a role to get us all to a mechanic and we still laugh about it today, but we refuse to rent Chinese bikes anymore.
Freshline Moto Adventure Club - Ride to the top
Co-Founder and Motorcycles:
My dad had a motorcycle when I was little and I thought it was the most amazing thing he owned. When I was 11 my cousin gave me his busted dirt bike and I took it home and rebuilt it. The first time I twisted the throttle on that thing I was hooked. Motorcycles have given me the freedom to travel all over North America and the World.
Freshline Moto Adventure Club - Super Rider Certificate of Conquest
Join Us For a Ride:
Think we might be the club for you? If so, and you think that you have what it takes to be a member, let us know. Check out our full profile and our website to see our next event.

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