Charlotte County Defenders LE MC

The bond being made in this club is one I describe as having 2000 best friends forever

Abraham R., Vice President
Charlotte County Defenders LE MC

Casual Cruising / Punta Gorda, FL

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Our Club Members:
A majority of the members are Retired/Active Law Enforcement Officers. We strive to provide a family type atmosphere. Chapters aid families of Fallen Officers thru fund raisers, donations. We have breakfast and lunch weekday rides and weekend rides which usually ends up having lunch somewhere.
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My Interest in Motorcycles:
Back in 1965, I road on back of my uncle's bike, a 1963 Honda Dream. That put the bike riding in me. In my early teen years, I saved up and bought small bikes. And since then, I worked my way up to riding baggers and touring bikes. When I lived in Rhode Island, I rode all around the mountains and, especially during the fall season, it was breathtaking. You could feel the wind and it was like flying a plane on the ground.
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Signature Event Highlights:
Usually in March, our chapter has a Fallen Hero BBQ/Poker Run in memory of Darla Latham, Florida's first female corrections officer killed in the line of duty. This year we had well over 25 gift baskets to raffle off. The highlight was family members that showed up. They live about 200 miles away and were very grateful that our chapter keeps her Darla's memory alive.
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Why Was This Club Started?
As a Law Enforcement MC, Original Members who rode decided to band together an enjoy some off the job enjoyment. Brotherhood of 1 was their theme.
Charlotte County Defenders Group Photo
We have been in operation for 14 years!
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Memorable Club Moment 2018:
On a yearly basis we have a National Rally in a pre-designated state. Usually, at least, 600+ members show up to the event. We then have a club ride and all you can see are bikes with people wearing our colors. One of the rides was from Gatlinburg,TN to North Carolina and going through the mountains you could hear us coming. When we pulled into an overlook parking lot, it took over 20 minutes for all of us to pull in and park.
Join Us For a Ride:
Think we might be the club for you? If so, and if you are an active or retired LEO, please let us know. Check out our full profile and our website for more info.

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